Epilepsy is a chronic brain disease. Cause to affects almost the people of all ages. Epilepsy disease caught the 50 million people in all over the world. Nearly 80% of whom belong to middle and low income countries.

70% of people with epilepsy could be attack free if properly and on time  diagnosed and treated. However, about three quarters of people  in low-income countries with this disease do not get the treatment they need.

Many health professionals in most of  such countries,  do not have the adequate training to acknowledge, diagnose and treat. Anti-seizure medications are not available in most of poor resource countries.

The patients and their families  undergo from stigma and discrimination.  There are lot of myths, fear and mistaken notions about the disorder in many parts of the world.

Epilepsy (healthsguru.com)

WHO Response

The World health Organization (WHO)  minimizing and reducing the Treatment Gap. Combines many innovative strategies to support care and access for people with the disease.

The Programme strategies is currently being implemented in four countries – Viet-Nam, GHANA, Mozambique, and Myanmar. Hopes to expand implementation to all low- and middle-income countries

As mention earlier the four pilot countries, have engaged to the training of health care providers.

Discrimination and Stigma prevent people from searching  treatment and from leading significant lives. The WHO Programme on Reducing the Treatment Gap seeks to gather NGOs and community groups. Inform and engage communities on this, and to better support people



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