Vaginal pH

vagina pH meter to check the pH level of the vagina.
Vaginal pH meter

What is vaginal pH?

Vaginal pH is a amount of  acidic or alkaline (basic) of the different body substance. The quantity scale ranges from 0 to 14. A amount of pH below 7 is considered acidic, and a pH of more than 7 is basic.

The question is how much range of pH  does this have to do with your vagina?

The pH level of your vagina — if it’s acidic or basic — do an important rule in determining whether it’s healthy or not.

Keep reading this to learn about healthy pH levels. How to correct a difference, and how to maintain overall vaginal pH health.

What is a normal vagina pH?

Accurate vagina pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5,that is moderately acidic. However, the standard of “normal” pH level can be different based on your stage of life.

For example, in your reproductive years (ages 14 to 50), the vaginal pH should be below or equal to 4.5. But afore menstruation and after menopause, a normal pH be likely to to be higher than 4.5.

Does vagina pH matter

The question is does vaginal pH matter? An acidic environment is protective. It creates a wall that prevents bad bacteria from multiplying too quickly and causing infection.

pH level of vagina from  4.5 or above give the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow.

 High vagina pH puts you at risk for these infections:

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) 

It’s a bacterial overgrowth condition that creates a “fishy” smell. It can cause an unusual gray, yellow or white, vagina discharge. It can also increase in vagina itching and burning during urination.

BV isn’t necessarily harmful in itself, but women who have this condition are at higher risk.

Trichomoniasis (trich) is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). it is due to  the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis.

An acidic vagina usually doesn’t cause disease. But if the acidity rises too much, it might reduce fertility. Sperm flourish in an alkaline environment. The optimal pH for them is between 7.0 and 8.5.

During sex, the pH level of vagina temporarily rises. Making the acidic environment more alkaline so that it protect the sperm so they can make their way to the egg.

What causes an unbalanced vagina pH?

Any of the following condition will change your vagina pH level:

  • Unprotected sex

 Semen of the men is alkaline, which can cause the growth of certain bacteria.

  • Antibiotics. 

These kind of drugs kill not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria, which give more acidic vaginal pH level.

  • Douching. 

It is not only increases the vagina pH level, but also increase the growth of harmful bacterial overall.

  • Menstrual periods.

 Menstrual blood type is little basic and it high up the level of pH in the vagina. When the blood runs through the vagina and is absorbed into pad, it can increase pH level of the vagina.

Vaginal pH

Unbalanced vaginal pH Signs and symptoms :

A high pH level that may create infection may cause symptoms like:

  • vagina itching
  • a fishy smell
  • unusual white, gray, or green discharge
  • burning when you urinate

How to correct an unbalanced vaginal pH :

If you have symptoms or condition that’s show high vagina pH, show your doctor. Don’t try to douche — it’ll only disturb your pH balance even more.

To treat such kind of infection, your doctor might prescribe one of these antibiotics by pill or cream:

Even though antibiotics can affect vagina pH, cleaning up the infection is necessary.

How to retain a healthy vagina pH:

To keep the pH level of the vagina at healthy level, follow these tips:

Use a condom when you do sex.

 This barrier  not only saves you from STDs, but it’ll also stop semen to increase your vagina pH levels. Shop online for condoms here.

Take probiotics. 

It can balance the healthy bacteria of your system.

Don’t douche.

 It can rise up the pH level in your vagina. Your vagina is naturally self-cleaning. Wash only the outside area of vagina with a medicated soap and water when you shower.

Eat yogurt.

 Helping you to maintain your daily amount of calcium and vitamin D, yogurt is a big source of the beneficial bacterial.

See your OB-GYN.

Regular checkup can help you to maintain your vagina health.

When to see your doctor

Check your OB-GYN for routine checkups to confirm that your vagina stays healthy.

Must check your doctor between scheduled visits if you have these symptoms:

  1. itching
  2. burning
  3. foul odor
  4. unusual discharge

Your doctor can take tests to check the pH level of your vagina, and diagnose an infection if you have one.

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