Top health benefits of chestnuts.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the many health benefits of chestnuts.

Digestive problems can be cured.

The “nuts” in chestnuts may be the highest source of dietary fiber in the world, which means they are a powerful ally in any gastrointestinal tract. Dietary fiber can help speed up the peristaltic movement in the intestines, thus regulating the movement of your intestines and preventing inflammation and discomfort. Dietary fiber can also help improve nutrient absorption, which means getting the most out of the food you eat and having a better overall nutritional profile. Research published in Food Microbiology in Italy shows that the use of oak can play an important role in improving gastrointestinal tolerance to lactobacilli. Top health benefits of chestnuts

Can improve heart health.

Many people consider fat to be a bad thing to burn while eating, but in reality, our body needs a lot of other fats to function normally. These good fats, which are found in large quantities in oak, can help balance cholesterol, reduce inflammation throughout the body, and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and blood clots in the body. All of these greatly reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack,, and coronary heart disease. In addition, oak provides potassium, which plays an important role in heart health. According to the British Medical Journal, increasing potassium levels lowers blood pressure in people with high blood pressure and can potentially reduce the risk of stroke.

May help increase bone mineral density.

Copper and magnesium are not the first things one thinks of when it comes to bone health, but copper is extremely important in the process by which the body absorbs iron, which promotes bone growth and development and the immune system.  It is also important to increase the system. Magnesium is great for increasing bone mineral density and provides a wide variety of other health benefits.  With these important minerals found in oak, you can prevent or slow the onset of many age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis.

Can prevent chronic diseases.

All types of chronic diseases are caused by the release of free radicals, which are natural by-products of cellular respiration.  They can cause healthy cells to be replaced, leading to cancer, oxidative stress, and a number of chronic diseases. According to a 2010 experiment by Korean scientists, the antioxidant and anti-melanogenic properties of oak flower extract may help fight skin cancer.  Without antioxidants, as found in oak, our bodies would be fighting on many fronts, so it might be a good idea to increase your defenses with a handful of oak in a day. Oak contains manganese, which helps fight free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer, as well as prevent blood clots.

May have the ability to improve brain function.

The use of chestnuts can improve brain function and cognition in many ways. According to a study cited in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, these nuts may be rich in B-family vitamins (such as folate, riboflavin, thymine) that are directly linked to proper neurological development and function.  In addition, the potassium found in oak can increase blood flow to the brain and promote good nervous system health, thus increasing concentration, retention and memory.

Can boost the immune system.

High amounts of vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds or minerals in oak, such as copper, can make them an ideal boost for your immune system. According to the journal Food Chemistry, boiling and frying oak reduces the amount of vitamin C in oak. Vitamin C not only stimulates the production of white blood cells but also acts as an antioxidant, traces free radicals inside the body, and allows healthy cells to produce or replace oxidative stress near vital organs. Disables them before they cause them to do so. This can help the immune system focus on its efforts to prevent pathogens and diseases.

Can help control blood pressure.

When it comes to lowering blood pressure, a few minerals, like potassium, are essential. Potassium regulates the movement of water inside the body, reduces the effects of sodium, and acts as a vasodilator by increasing blood flow and releasing tension in blood vessels and arteries. This reduction in blood pressure can promote overall heart health and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Top health benefits of chestnuts.

Top health benefits of chestnuts.

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