How does Alcohol effect  Anxiety in people

Alcohol effects Consequences Possible cause Risks Treating anxiety Living with anxiety Understanding anxiety After spending a stressful day or nervous situations in the daily task, you may be want to have a glass of wine or a beer to smooth your nerves. However, drinking alcohol in large amount over a large period of time can really increase … Read more

Vitamins B-complex :Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

Your body needs different kind of vitamins and  most important rule the nutrients that play are B vitamins. In most of the cases people get the required amounts of of these vitamins only through diet because they have a wide variety of foods. But different  factors like alcohol, different medical conditions, in pregnancy,  genetics, and medication … Read more

EFFECTS OF SMOKING || How to quickly quit smoking

Smoking is the biggest common problems. Facing in today’s world which is causing the major deaths and killing of people. Mostly the people who indulghe in this habit because of  stress, affairs and more. When anybody smokes a cigarette, they not only damage themselves but everyone who are around them. Smoking have many ill effects on … Read more


What are Corona viruse(COVID-19)? COVID-19 OR Corona- virus (CoV) may be a virus that can cause different illnesses starting from the cold to more severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Symptoms of (CORONA VIRUS) Corona affects people all over the world in many different ways symptoms of … Read more

9 IMPRESSIVE Health Benefits of Onions

  Onions Benefits Almost different kind of all vegetables have a lot of health benefits, but certain vegetables have some specific health benefits . Our topic of discussion is ONION. Onions are belong to a family of  Allium genus of flowering plants and  include  garlic, shallots, leeks and chives. In onion there have been observer … Read more