Health Related Fitness Components

EXERCISE GUIDELINES A. Parts of Physical Fitness that have to do with health. There are five parts to being physically fit: (1) how the body looks, (2) how flexible it is, (3) how strong the muscles are (4) muscular endurance (5) cardiorespiratory endurance. A workout that is just right There should be activities that cover … Read more

How To Stay Fit over 50 and Still Enjoy Eating

How To Stay Fit over 50 and Still Enjoy Eating

As we get older, the way our bodies are made changes. This is often because we are less active, which makes our basal metabolic rate go down (BMR). We might find that we can’t eat as much as we used to without gaining weight if we have less muscle. Changes in hormones, taste, energy level, … Read more

Affordable Health Insurance Plans in America 2022


In recent years, health insurance prizes have risen at an alarming rate, making it harder to afford the care you need in America. Health Insurance Plans in America in 2022, calculating by Affordable Care Act (ACA) will expand coverage even further, but without key reforms to our healthcare system. Many Americans are still unable to … Read more


Abortion types / Abortion methods Every individual has the right to form a choice freely and responsible without discrimination , coercion and violence the quantity , spacing and timing of their children and to possess the knowledge and means to undertake to to so , and thus the proper to realize the absolute best standard … Read more