What Is Depression?

Depression may be categorized as a mood dis-order. It is described as feeling of sorrowfulness, sadness, loss, anger, fear, and also it interfere everyday activities of the person .

Different people has different experience of depression in different ways. It may consequent in lost of time and get down productivity. It can also worst influence in relationships and some chronic health conditions.


Conditions that can be more  worse due to depression include:

The main thing to realize that feeling down at sometimes is a normal part of life. Unhappiness and sad  events often happen to everyone. But, if you’re feeling sad or hopeless on a regular basis, you could be dealing with depression.

Depression is considered a thoughtful medical condition that can get bad without proper treatment. Those who want treatment often see better in symptoms in just a few weeks.

Depression Symptoms

Depression is a continuous  state of sadness or feeling “blue.”

The condition of anxiety have many symptoms .The major depression symptoms can cause a variety of symptoms. Some events may effect your mood and some effect your body . Symptoms may also be temporarily or permanent for example  on-going, or come and go.

Depression symptoms can be experienced differently among different gender  among men, women, and children differently.

Symptoms in Men are given below.

Behavior, change in behaviour such as 

  • loss of interest,
  •  no interest in favorite activities no pleasure,
  • feeling tired,
  • thoughts of suicide,
  • drinking excessively,
  • using drugs,
  •  engaging in high-risk activities

Sleep patterns,

  • such as insomnia,
  • restless sleep,
  •  excessive sleepiness,
  • not sleeping through the night

Sexual interest,

  • such as reduced sexual desire,
  • lack of sexual performance


  • such as aggressiveness,
  • anger,
  •  irritability,
  •  anxiousness,
  • restlessness

Emotional well-being,

  • such as feeling empty,
  •  sad,
  •  hopeless

Cognitive abilities,

  • such as inability to concentrate,
  •  difficulty completing tasks,
  •  delayed responses during conversations

Physical well-being,

  • such as fatigue,
  •  pains,
  •  headache,
  • digestive problems

Women may experience symptoms related to their:


  • For example thoughts of suicide, withdrawing from social engagements,loss of interest in activities


  • For example irritability

Cognitive abilities,

  • For example thinking or talking more slowly

Sleep patterns,

  • For example difficulty sleeping through the night, waking early, sleeping too much

Emotional well-being,

  • For example feeling sad or empty, anxious or hopeless

Physical well-being,

  • For example  decreased energy,fatigue, changes in appetite, weight loss, aches, pain, headaches, increased cramps

Children may experience symptoms related to their:


  • such as irritability, anger, mood swings, crying

emotional well-being,

  • For example feelings of incompetence e.g. I can’t do anything right, crying, intense sadness


  • For example refusing to go to school,getting into trouble at school or avoiding friends or siblings, thoughts of death or suicide

cognitive abilities,

         For example difficulty concentrating, decline in school performance, changes in grades

Sleep patterns,

  • For example difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much

physical well-being,

  •  For example loss of energy, digestive problems, changes in appetite, weight loss or gain

The symptoms can extend beyond your mind.

Depression causes

There are several causes of depression. They  range from biologic to specific.

Common causes include:

Family history.

  •  You are  at a higher risk for struck in  depression if you have a family history of depression or another mood disorder.

Early childhood trauma.

  •  In early age some events affect your body reacts to fear and stressful situations.

Brain structure. 

  •  if the frontal lobe of your brain is less active than there’s a greater risk for depression. Still our scientists do not know if this happens before or after the depressive symptoms.

Medical conditions.

  •  Some Certain medical conditions may put you at higher risk, such as chronic illness, insomnia, chronic pain

Drug use. 

  • Lot of researches show the result the use of drug or alcohol misuse can affect your risk.

.In addition to other risk factors for depression include:

  • Low self-esteem or being self-critical
  • personal history of mental illness
  • certain medications
  • stressful incidents, such as loss of loved one, financial  problems, or a divorce

The main problem is that often other elements of your health tied to .the causes of depression.

In the end we conclude that  in many cases, healthcare providers still could not determine what’s causing depression.


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